Grant Programs

Ishibashi Shojiro embarked on various philanthropic activities from early on in his career, helping found (in 1928) Kyushu Medical School (present-day Kurume University) by donating land and buildings at the age of 39. In the years that followed he continued to serve as a benefactor and donor to various organizations both individually and through the Ishibashi Foundation, as well as funding the construction of the Japanese Pavilion for the Venice Biennale after the government failed to implement the plan (1956), the Ishibashi Cultural Center (1956), and a new building for the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo (1969). Throughout his life, Shojiro strove to foster and develop culture, supporting and promoting numerous cultural initiatives based on the perspectives of community, nation, and international exchange.
The Ishibashi Foundation is dedicated to upholding the tradition of cultural initiatives established by its founder, and is committed to supporting artistic, cultural, and educational initiatives aimed at the development of a more caring and humane world. It keeps a watchful eye on regions that tend to be overlooked by society, putting effort in recent years in particular into grant programs with an international focus.

Ishibashi Foundation Grants

Ishibashi Foundation Grants (2013-2022)

Year Art Culture Education Tohoku earthquake
& tsunami disaster
Total Amount

Acceptance of Grant Applications (2023)

The foundation accepts grant applications generally twice a year, with decisions made following screenings by the Grants Selection Committee. As a rule, only nonprofit organizations may apply.

Target Expenses to
Art Institute, association, organization regarding art Publication of the official journal of a scientific society, Having art exhibition
Culture Association, society, organization regarding culture Publication of the official journal of a scientific society, Having commemorative event and symposium
Education School, research institutes, educational organizations regarding education Raising the standard of educational system, Expanding the educational facilities, Having commemorative event and symposium
Condition of the grant application
Only Non-profit organizations, No profit-making enterprises or private businesses
End of January and July (twice a year)
Result notification
April and October (twice a year)
Period of a supported project
A project or middile-term duration (for several years), Not including the operating cost of organization
By recommendation only