Advanced TechnologyResearch and Use of Digital Technology

The Ishibashi Foundation is committed to providing advanced information, improving the viewing environment, and researching at the Artizon Museum, and we have therefore established the IT System Group. Aiming to make the Artizon Museum an open museum with advanced design features, the IT Systems Group not only carries out system development and maintenance but also research and industry-academia collaborations. Here's what we're up to.

Artizon Cloud and Database Development

Artizon Cloud is the cornerstone of the Ishibashi Foundation's information system supporting the idea of an open museum with advanced design features. It is an information system consisting of multiple databases containing information on the collection of artwork and additional related information, being the core of a variety of activities, e.g., supporting staff duties, archiving information, and providing information to users via our website and smartphone app.

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PCT international application filed.

Research / Industry-academia Collaboration

We are conducting research related to data science technology to examine the role of museums in an age when artificial intelligence is integrated into society. In addition, we research art museums and other museums in Japan and abroad from a unique perspective. In 2022, we concluded an industry-academia collaboration agreement with Musashino University and are participating in joint research on realizing artistic experiences in the virtual space.

Infrastructure Development, Including Network Infrastructure

We are in an age where every piece of equipment is connected to a network. The Ishibashi Foundation aims to bring about a museum where various pieces of information can be obtained by connecting devices together, and network infrastructure holds the key. In addition to designing and selecting facilities and equipment related to network infrastructure, the IT Systems Group works to improve their reliability, availability, and safety.

Planning and Development of an Official Application

We have been planning and developing a smartphone app since the beginning of the renewal in 2020. This app has continually tried new things, such as using BLE beacons to provide audio guides that correspond to the viewer's location inside the building. Through these efforts, we aim to create a new experience for art appreciation through the use of advanced devices.

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