Artizon Museum

The Name of the Museum

The name, “Artizon” of the Artizon Museum was coined by combining the words “art” and “horizon.” It reflects our determination to impart a sense of being on the horizon of pioneering art and bringing it to many people.


The Artizon Museum is a 5-minute walk from Tokyo Station, the center of Tokyo, where all kinds of people, including businesspeople, tourists, and shoppers, gather.

1-7-2 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0031

Artizon Museum “User Guide and Access”


The architecture of the Artizon Museum inherits the DNA of its predecessor, the Bridgestone Museum of Art, creating a comfortable and friendly museum environment. The museum occupies the 1st to 6th floors of the newly-built skyscraper "Museum Tower Kyobashi" with a gallery space of approximately 2,100 square meters, roughly twice the total area of the Bridgestone Museum of Art. The architecture of Museum Tower Kyobashi, which was conceived with the idea of an art museum in mind, including the atrium entrance lobby, has won numerous awards both in Japan and abroad.

Artizon Museum
3F Main Lobby (Atrium)
1F Entrance Lobby

Equipment and Comfortable Environment for Appreciation

The building is equipped with disaster prevention equipment to ensure continuity of museum functions. A seismic isolation structure made of 30 seismic isolation rubber devices was adopted to reduce damage caused by an earthquake. At the same time, the building has an emergency generator that can provide power for 72 hours in the event of a power outage. The art galleries are located on the 4th to 6th floors to protect the artwork from damage resulting from floods, tsunamis, and so on.
In addition, the museum is equipped with the latest air conditioning, lighting, and other related equipment to protect the artwork and create an environment where visitors can enjoy art comfortably.

30 seismic isolation rubber devices and 14 dampers placed in the underground base isolation layer
The displacement air-conditioning system in the galleries releases superfine airflow through the openings between the floorboards
Specially designed LED spotlights


In order to embody the Artizon Museum's concept of "Experiencing Creativity," we focused on high quality of design in every detail from the architecture to the interior, the furniture, and other fixtures. We strived to improve the functionality of the facility and create an environment that can handle a wide range of fields from ancient to contemporary art. To create a comfortable space, we were particular about using authentic materials as much as possible, and designed a museum that is comfortable and people-friendly.

3F Main Lobby (Atrium)
The sign design gently guides with light
Original furniture designed to fit the installation space

Museum Shop

Under the theme of "taking the museum home," we have made original products available related to the Ishibashi Foundation Collection and the exhibitions. In addition to exhibition catalogs, the shop offers a variety of postcards, stationery, accessories, and fashion items that can only be found at our shop.

Museum Shop Image1
Museum Shop Image2
Museum Shop Image3

Museum Café

Museum Café on the first floor is a place where you can relax and enjoy the luxurious aftertaste of exhibitions. The menu is based on French cuisine, with a modern, sophisticated taste and a beauty befitting the tastes of a museum. With its fine cutlery and interior, you can enjoy a precious moment surrounded by carefully crafted works of design.

Museum Café1
Museum Café2
Museum Café3


The Artizon Museum’s architecture and design have won numerous awards both in Japan and abroad. Please visit the Artizon Museum website for details.

Artizon Museum "Architecture and Design"