Conservation, Restoration, and Research Study

Conservation and Restoration

The Ishibashi Foundation collaborated with the National Museum of Western Art in 1962, inviting the French restorer Jacques Maréchal to clean and restore the artwork in its collection, and was one of the first in Japan to spread the idea of protecting cultural properties. Even today, the Foundation has been striving to conserve and restore artworks in the best possible way by establishing the Ishibashi Foundation Art Research Center (ARC) in a location separate from the museum to mitigate risks in the event of a disaster.

Mr. Maréchal restoring a piece of art
Ishibashi Foundation Art Research Center
A large high-definition scanner is used to scan artwork

Research Study

The Ishibashi Foundation collects artworks and plans exhibitions based on the daily research of each curator's area of expertise. The Ishibashi Foundation also collects and makes available to the public rare books and materials, mainly from the library of the Ishibashi Foundation Art Research Center.

Ishibashi Foundation Art Research Center, Library
Researching the condition of artwork