Ishibashi Foundation

The Ishibashi Foundation has a collection of about 3,000 works of art. The Ishibashi Foundation Collection, which offers an overview from ancient times to the present, is highly regarded internationally as a valuable cultural property.

It began with the personal collection of Ishibashi Shojiro (1889–1976), who acquired works of art over a period of half a century. Shojiro continued to collect modern Japanese Western-style paintings through exchanges with Japanese artists of Western paintings, and later expanded the scope of his collection to include foreign works of art, mainly works of French Impressionism, and built a large collection. In 1961, most of his collection was donated to the Ishibashi Foundation and made public.

In 1998, the Ishibashi Foundation received a donation from the bereaved family of Ishibashi Kanichiro, the third President of the Board of Directors, solidifying it as the foundation that continues to exist today. In addition, with the transition from the predecessor Bridgestone Museum of Art to the Artizon Museum, the Foundation have further expanded the number and breadth of the collection and are providing people with the enjoyment of art through many exhibitions.

About Collection

In addition to including more modern Japanese Western-style paintings, works of French Impressionism, and Western paintings of the same era, which are the focus of the collection, the Foundation also features a wide range of artworks from modern, abstract, postwar, and contemporary art, and has also expanded the scope to include Japanese paintings in the early modern period. In recent years, the Foundation has also been actively collecting the artworks of female artists.

Impressionism and
Related Trends

Édouard MANET, Self-Portrait1878–79
Pierre-Auguste RENOIR, Mlle Georgette Charpentier Seated1876
Gustave CAILLEBOTTE, Young Man Playing the Piano1876
Claude MONET, Twilight, Venicec. 1908
Alfred SISLEY, June Morning in Saint-Mammès1884

Women Impressionists

Berthe MORISOT, Woman and Child on the Balcony1872
Marie BRACQUEMOND, On the Terrace at Sèvres1880
Eva GONZALÈS, Sleepc. 1877–78
Mary CASSATT, The Sun Bath (After the Bath)1901

Modern Japanese
Western-style Painting

AOKI Shigeru, A Gift of the Sea1904, Important Cultural Property
FUJISHIMA Takeji, Orientalism1924
SAEKI Yuzo, Café Terrace with Posters1927
KOGA Harue, Innocent Moonlit Night1929
SAKAMOTO Hanjiro, Three Grazing Horses1932

From Post-
to 20th century Art

Pablo PICASSO, Saltimbanque Seated with Arms Crossed1923© 2024 - Succession Pablo Picasso - BCF (JAPAN)
Paul CÉZANNE, Mont Sainte-Victoire and Château Noirc. 1904–06
Henri MATISSE, Dancer and Armchair, Black Background1942
Umberto BOCCIONI, Unique Forms of Continuity in Space1913, cast 1972
Georges BRAQUE, Pedestal Table1911© ADAGP, Paris & JASPAR, Tokyo, 2024   C4533

Abstract Art

Wassily KANDINSKY, Self-Illuminating1924
Jackson POLLOCK, Number 2, 19511951
ZAO Wou-Ki, 07.06.851985© 2024 by ProLitteris, Zurich & JASPAR, Tokyo   C4533
Paul KLEE, Small, Abstract-Architectural Oil Painting <with Yellow and Blue Sphere>1915
Georgia O'KEEFFE, Autumn Leaf II1927© 2024 Georgia O'Keeffe Museum / ARS, New York / JASPAR, Tokyo   C4533
TANAKA Atsuko, 1985 B1985© Kanayama Akira and Tanaka Atsuko Association

Japanese and
Asian Art

OGATA Korin, Peacock and HollyhocksEdo period, 18th century, Important Cultural Property
SESSHU, Landscape of the Four SeasonsMuromachi period, 15th century, Important Cultural Property
Detached Segment from Caricatures of AnimalsHeian period, 12th century
CHINA, Longquan ware, Vase, celadon, decorated with iron brown spotsYüan dynasty, 14th century
MARUYAMA Okyo, Peony and Peacocks1781

Ancient Orient and
Greek-Roman Art

EGYPT (Ancient Thebes, Luxor), Statue of Goddess Sekhmetc. 1390–1352 B.C.
GREECE, Head of a Philosopher4th century B.C.
IRAN, Bowl, decorated with elephant design in white sgraffito11th–12th century
GREECE, VenusHellenistic period, 323–30 B.C.
Painter of Boulogne 441, Attic Black-Figure Neck-Amphora, Herakles and Kerberosc. 520–510 B.C.


Walter GROPIUS, et al., BAUHAUS Books, 14 vols. (First Edition)1925–1929
KURAMATA Shiro, Miss Blanche1988, Production: 2012Photo: Tadayuki Minamoto
KURAMATA Shiro, How High the Moonc. 1988
Ettore SOTTSASS Jr., Carlton1981 (design) / 1981 (produced by Memphis Milano)© Erede Ettore Sottsass
Ettore SOTTSASS Jr., Odalisca Totem1964–66 (design) / 1986 (produced by Mirabili Arte d’Abitaire)© erede Ettore Sottsass, JASPAR, Tokyo, 2024   C4533

Photographs of Artists

Étienne CARJAT, Gustave COULBET (1819–1877)Unknown
ANZAI Shigeo, Tanaka Atsuko, Nagoya, October 19831983 / 2017©Estate of Shigeo Anzaï
Agence de presse MEURISSE, Claude MONET (1840–1926)Unknown
ANONYMOUS, Henri MATISSE (1869–1954)Unknown